A Quebec Company, in business since 1978

Our philosophy

We believe the integrity of the eye care you receive should match the quality of the eyewear you choose.

We stand by the belief that eyewear should be uncompromising. It is both an essential tool for your well-being and a style statement that accompanies you in your everyday life. The integrity of the eye care you receive should match the quality of the eyewear you chose. At Doyle, we are meticulous about providing the very best on both fronts.

That’s why we have optometrists and opticians in every single store at all times. Each of our clinics is equipped with its own laboratory for eyeglass lens crafting, which allows us to ensure the high quality of our products. Following their purchase in a Doyle boutique, clients can get their eyeglasses adjusted at any time.

We stand by the belief that eyewear should be uncompromising.

A family-run, people-first company since 1978

Our history

Since 1978

Doyle was founded during Christmas of 1978 in the storied Montréal district of St Henri, by optometrist Luc Doyle. The storefront on Notre Dame St. is open to this day, and Doyle continues to be a family-run company.

With 20 locations across Québec today, Dr. Doyle’s original vision for the company remains intact: to be of value to the neighbourhood and of service to its residents.

Over the years, Doyle has remained steadfast in its commitment to made-to-measure eye care and, has always understood the unique role eyewear plays: both a utilitarian accessory, and a style statement-closely bound to one’s identity.

Uncompromising on both fronts, Doyle’s customer care is matched only by the tireless sourcing of the latest and most interesting emerging eyewear brands in the world, including its very own Atelier 78.

Who we are

United but independent

Of course, things have evolved significantly since the opening of our first boutique, but the family spirit prevails. Today, their son Patrick Doyle has taken over the business, bringing a wind of change.

Since 2015, we have acquired the best Quebec-based independent clinics, while remaining loyal to our unique business model. By becoming co-owners, we support our local partners so that they can focus on their practice and clientele.

Doyle remains one of the last groups in the industry 100% owned by Quebec professionals. This independence has served us well, and has allowed us to place the interests of our clients and teams at the heart of our decision-making.

From left to right : Dr. Karl Brousseau, vice-president and optometrist, Luc Doyle, founder and optometrist, Patrick Doyle, president and optician.

Good business is also about doing some good.

Social Responsability

We are a company that exists in real neighbourhoods and we have a responsibility towards the people we serve.

We are constantly looking at new ways of giving back and doing better. Whether that is through our relationships with charitable organizations like Charles Bruneau and Le club des petit déjeuner du Québec, or looking towards more sustainable solutions for our environment like our frame recycling program.

Sometimes the gestures we make are significant, other times they are a matter of making small choices that add up: like sourcing paper materials locally whenever possible.

But above all, our goal is to bring the highest quality eyewear and eye care to the most people possible, no matter what their budget.