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Healthy Eyes - DOYLE

Here at Doyle, optometrists and opticians work hand in hand to offer you personalized eye care at a fair price.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam. Our 50 + optometrists are available to welcome both children and adults on week days, week nights and even on Saturdays.
  • Screening for eye diseases. Thanks to our top-of-the-line imaging equipment (scan 3D-oct), we can detect ocular diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.
  • Eye Emergency. In case of emergency, we can remove foreign objects and treat pathologies such as conjunctivitis and eye styes. Simply call us to book an emergency eye appointment.
  • Made to measure contact lenses. Our exclusive expertise allows us to correct complex prescriptions with scleral lenses made according to your anatomy and specific needs.
  • Crafting eyeglass lenses and repairing frames. All our boutiques are equipped with in-store laboratories, which allows our opticians to provide efficient, quality service.

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Eye care for kids - DOYLE
Eye care for kids: when to book a child’s first eye exam?

Certain visual problems can only be detected during an eye exam. This is why, according to the College of Optometrists, a child should see an eye doctor starting at 6 months of age, followed by a visit at 3 and 5 years old, and then yearly appointments between 6 and 18 years of age.

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Eye emergencies - DOYLE
Eye emergencies: what to do and when to see an eye doctor?

In recent years, it’s become possible to see an optometrist in case of an eye emergency, rather than go to the hospital. Trained to treat various eye problems, our optometrists reveal the most common symptoms to help you determine what to do and when to seek urgent eye care.

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Dry Eyes causes and treatments

Having dry eyes is quite common, but although it affects a large part of the population, many ignore the symptoms, such as itchy eyes, a burning sensation, or blurry vision. Learn more about ocular dryness and avoid harmful effects due to lack of treatment in the long term.

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Protect your eyes from blue light - DOYLE
Blue light: how to protect your eyes from its harmful effects?

Most people stare at a tablet, mobile phone, computer or TV screen from dusk till dawn, exposing their eyes to blue light almost constantly. But what impact does blue light have on your eyes? And how to protect them? Read our article about this issue.

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DOYLE helps you detect eye diseases
Detection of diseases: what do your eyes reveal about your health?

Eyes reveal valuable information about our vascular and neurological health. It is possible to detect blood pressure problems, diagnose diabetes, multiple sclerosis and even certain brain tumours by performing an eye exam.

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