Sunglasses JS539 FLASH - Red


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Where style and high performance meet, Julbo is at the centre. Founded by Jules Baud in 1888, the Jura-native French brand is an expert in outdoor sports eyewear. The first Cristallier glasses were created at the beginning of the 20th century to help equip mountaineers braving the highest of summits. Since then, Julbo has honed its expertise in specialized eyewear, innovating for more than 130 years. Designed for mountain climbing, hiking, alpine skiing, nautical sports and running, these quality optical glasses and sunglasses have been tested to withstand the elements, even at altitudes of 8,000 metres. The brand is a must for sportspeople, adventure seekers and outdoor lovers alike — with products that not only help you see the world, but also see it in all its glory.