Seeking Clarity Beyond a Blurry Horizon

From Atelier78’s very beginnings, our various frames collections were inspired by trend shows held in Paris, Milan, New York and the likes. But in these uncertain times all trend shows were cancelled, and designers had to turn to other sources of inspiration. That’s how Doyle came to ask the talented Annie Horth to assume the role of artistic director and curate this new collection — an idea that turned out to be a great success!

Where Technique and Artistic Vision Meet 

This year, we’re proud to say that our frames have never been so meticulously thought-out and crafted. The creative process was collaborative from beginning to end, with as many rounds of iterations as necessary, including designing together with Annie Horth, the prototypes made by our loyal partners and, of course, adjustments by our team of opticians. The result: frames that are closer to perfection than ever!


  Penelope | Atelier78 | 175.00$ et Léo | Atelier78| 175.00$

Subtle Shades and Iconic Details 

Elegance is the master word of this new collection. Discover character frames that are resolutely trendy, yet perfectly timeless. Every shade in the collection was defined, crafted and challenged to obtain a refined colour palette. The complementary, coherent hues include crystal beige and taupe, combined with lightweight metals featuring a soft, satiny finish.

And to celebrate the evolution of our new identity, iconic elements were developed and integrated into the collection — a refined signature that brings a unique touch to every Atelier78 frame. These details are reminders of Zébulon Perron’s designs in selected Doyle boutiques, or industrial bolts that allude to our experts’ work. Technical details were also elegantly integrated, like metal branches inserted in the acetate stems, allowing for a better adjustment of the frames.

Colin| Atelier78| 175.00$ et Chloé | Atelier78 | 175.00$ 

Always Accessible. Always a Perfect Fit. 

All Atelier78 frames are available at an accessible price of $250, including frames and lenses in single vision. We also have a progressive lenses package for $575. Check out our latest collection, available exclusively in a Doyle boutique near you or on our website!