Sunglasses perform various functions. An undeniable fashion accessory, they protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and can even be customized with prescription lenses. While style and comfort are undoubtedly factors in choosing a pair of sunglasses, it’s best to determine how they will be used and what protection they offer before giving in to temptation.


Sunglasses can be designed for an urban lifestyle or an athletic one. Athletes generally choose models for their performance and prefer curved shapes that cover the eyes well and don’t slide down the nose. Mariko, optician at Doyle’s Longueuil store, insists that eyewear must allow for sufficient airflow to prevent lens fogging, be comfortable, and stay in place despite the movements involved in a sporting activity. Style-conscious people, on the other hand, opt for sunglasses based on the shape of the frame, or the colour of the lenses. Unlike all-purpose models, aesthetic sunglasses are only lightly tinted and are not suitable for driving or prolonged sun exposure. Special-purpose glasses are indispensable for extensive exposure to the sun, and in conditions of strong reverberation (on the snow, on a white sandy beach, on a boat, etc.), but are not suitable for driving.

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Summer and winter alike, we need to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays. It’s essential to choose lenses that filter out UV rays, while offering good optical quality and respecting colours as faithfully as possible. Contrary to popular belief, a high price tag or tinted lenses – even extremely dark ones – don’t necessarily mean that the lenses filter out the sun’s harmful rays, since the only way to determine the level of protection is to check the solar index indicated on the sunglasses. Only lenses with a specialized UV400 coating can block 100% of UV rays. Children and adolescents are more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays, which can damage the retina and impair vision, even years after exposure. That’s why everyone should choose sunglasses that provide perfect protection for their eyes.


Depending on the shape of the wearer’s face, some eyewear models are better suited than others. Round faces are enhanced with round shapes or angular, elongated geometric shapes. Square faces can be accentuated with geometric shapes or softened with oval shapes. For rectangular faces, it’s preferable to choose an oval shape to widen the face. And oval faces are the most versatile, as just about anything will suit. You can also choose the colour of your frames to match the colour of your eyes and hair. “In short, you’ll opt for frames that do not match your face shape, unless you want to accentuate it,” explains Joanna, optician at our Fabreville store. Once you’ve chosen a model, you need to check that the frame isn’t too heavy, and that it won’t hurt you over time.

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Today’s titanium or surgical steel frames are extremely lightweight, but you still need to check that they are comfortable to wear. Polarized lenses provide an additional element of comfort. They block the glare caused by the sun’s reflection on flat surfaces such as water, snow or the ground. Today, there are a multitude of sunglasses models to suit every need. And it’s entirely possible to choose a model that will protect your eyes from UV rays, and still look good.

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