Catherine Potvin, illustrator

Born in the Laurentians into a tight-knit family, Catherine looks back fondly at her childhood. After studying accounting, she moved to Montreal, where she was instantly immersed in the cinematographic world. Catherine fully embraced her new life, and started getting involved in production and photo shoots.

 Woman with white retro sunglasses and black shirt with flames

Having set up shop in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End, Catherine truly fell in love with big cities. As her network expanded and became more diverse, she discovered she had a hidden talent - illustration! Her first attempts were simple posters, but they quickly became striking graphic explorations. Her naïve, figurative style flirts with abstraction, and landed her a first official contract with Urbania - the first in a long series!

Why eye health?

For Doyle, the reasons are quite obvious. Eye health is important - crucial, even. And sharing knowledge is a great way to care for patients. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to care for their eyes as they should.


For Catherine, the connection might be less obvious, but it is genuinely there. The young illustrator is perfectly conscious of the importance of ocular health. After all, her eyes are extremely important to her as they are vital to her line of work, and her passion!

Black line drawing on blue paper

Realizing this made Catherine think. We often take our eye health for granted, and we don’t really make time to care for our eyes. We don’t always have great habits - for example, sometimes we don’t bother doing our eye exercises. So, how can we inspire people to gain awareness about this essential organ? Perhaps by instilling a little poetry…


It is this idea which brings us to Doyle’s bet: to combine quality articles written by eye care specialists with the talent of a dynamic artist, leaving no one indifferent.


The birth of an artwork

For Catherine Potvin, a work of art is born, and reborn. It reinvents itself until it finds its path. Her work is never finished, and the process of creation is almost compulsive until she is satisfied. Catherine iterates her drawings until the curves are perfectly catchy, yet her work is always spontaneous. This is perhaps why her illustrations are so dynamic, and why they are everything but still. 

Drawing of Mr Eye jumping off a cliff and drawing of Mr Eye going to the emergency room

On the subject of ocular health, Catherine strives to bring a humoristic touch to a rather difficult subject. As she let herself dream about the world of eye care, the idea of personifying the eye came to life. What better than a friendly character - an “eye buddy” - with a strong identity to help people realize how important their eyes really are?


Whether we’re talking about contact lenses, children’s ocular health, eye emergencies or eye exercises, Mr. Eye attracts your eye with his colourful universe.

Mr Eye putting a contact lens

Pleasure for all the senses

While ocular health has managed to conquer Catherine’s heart, her work can also be seen in many other contexts! You can find Catherine’s illustrations associated with a variety of exciting products and locations: wine bottles, restaurants, fine food, trendy bars and even the fashion scene - you’ll want to discover them all!

Coming soon to a gallery near you

Catherine thinks big. Tomorrow you just might see her surrounded by a series of large-scale illustrations. Stay tuned - on Instagram :)