Over the past few years, Doyle has partnered with local artists to create powerful and meaningful messaging around eye care. 


This fall, we’re delighted to introduce you to the work of Julia GR, the artist behind several new illustrations that you will see on our website, social networks, and in various boutiques across the province.

Who is Julia GR?

Julia GR is a talented young Montreal illustrator. Passionate about femininity and nature, her work is gentle and full of sensitivity. Julia GR has been drawing for as long as she can remember, so it’s not surprising that she turned to illustration when she finished school. Working in both graphic design and illustration, Julia GR quickly carved out a place for herself on the Montreal art scene and, thanks to her remarkable talent and her Instagram profile, she quickly managed to turn her passion into a full-time job.

The collaboration with Doyle

When we approached Julia GR for this illustration project, she was excited to delve into the subject of eyes, which she says are “the reflection of the soul.” It was the first time that the artist had worked on this theme, and she enjoyed thinking about the analogies between eye care and human gestures. Glasses were fun objects for her to sketch, and she appreciated the decidedly fashionable feel of our brand.

 This collaborative project has resulted in beautiful and eloquent images, with strong messaging communicated through refined line work.

Exploration and inspiration

Julia GR's work is always evolving, and she is constantly exploring as an artist. She is continuously testing different mediums and materials to develop new techniques. Each work inspires a new way of approaching a subject, of working with it and bringing it to life. Equally at ease with paper and digital, Julia GR masters both traditional and modern techniques. Her sketches are often started by hand, then scanned and reworked on the computer. There is an organic handwritten touch in all of her work, which is a key element in the authenticity of her drawings. Ink — using either a brush or pen — is her current favourite technique.


Although Julia GR must be flexible to accommodate the schedules, demands and needs of each of her clients, she tries to maintain a daily routine that inspires her. It begins with a morning run through the Botanical Garden — a soothing and beautiful place where she can breathe in fresh air and be inspired by the surrounding beauty. Then it’s back to the studio, where she sits down with a cup of tea and starts to create. Her illustrations come to life during several brief working sessions that are sometimes accompanied by news, audiobooks, podcasts or music. 


To learn more about Julia GR and her work, check out her Instagram account!