Our teams have been trained to welcome you back in-store in safe conditions. We’ve put in place preventive measure TO WELCOME YOU IN A FRIENDLY AND SECURE ENVIRONNEMENT.

Here are some of the measures:


  • Handwashing is mandatory at the entrance of the clinic;
  • The temperature of each patient will be taken with a non-contact thermometer;
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for all people in-store, including patients and personnel - including children aged 2 and over Don’t worry, if you don’t have any, we will supply you with one.


Hand washing must be done primarily with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, especially after having had physical contact with a patient or after using the restroom. Hand sanitizer can be used as an alternative solution. Employees and optometrists must:

  • wash their hands with water and soap every hour;
  • wash their hands after touching a patient, adjusting frames, as well as during and after eye exams.
  • wash their hands after having manipulated garbage or objects used by a patient.
  • not serve coffee to clients;
  • avoid touching their face with their hands 
  • wear disposable gloves if they do not hinder their work 


For everyone’s safety, all employees must: 

  • keep a safe distance of one meter with patients and clients, unless they have to touch them in their professional capacity, to adjust eyeglass frames or do an eye exam, among other things.
  • not shake hands with patients, clients or colleagues. Employees are encouraged to greet others with a simple smile :)
  • must wear eye protection when within 2 meters of a patient for more than 15 cumulative minutes

  • use measurement instruments that favor more distance between patients and employees. 


Surfaces touched by patients, clients and employees must be washed with cleaning products or a mild bleach solution and paper towels. Several times during the day the following items must be disinfected:

  • door knobs ;
  • counters ;
  • sales tables ;
  • restrooms ;
  • phones;
  • remote controls;
  • computer mice and keyboards.

Before each pretest and in front of each patient, employees must:

  • wash the table on which are located the instruments;
  • disinfect the part of the instruments that come in contact with patients;
  • clean tactile screens.

After each exam, the optometrist must: 

  • clean his workspace ; 
  • wash the doorknobs ;
  • disinfect the phoropter ;
  • wash the patient’s chair, including armrests;
  • disinfect all material touched by the patient.

After clients try on frames, employees must: 

  • set aside all frames that have been manipulated by clients or employees;
  • wash these frames with an alcoholic solution and put them back on the shelves;
  • disinfect the pupillometer.


  • Employees and professionals take their temperatures every day when they arrive at work.

  • The retinal photo is preferred to see better inside the eye at a reasonable distance from the patient.

  • Removal of all toys, magazines, books, cloth towels and other non-essential objects that can be manipulated by several people in a day;
  • Availability of soap near every sink used by clients or employees, including those located in exam rooms. Paper towels should be placed near all sinks to wipe hands after washing them.
  • Access to sanitation stands on the reception counter and in the waiting room for patients, all equipped with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer such as Purell (according to availability).
  • Availability of cleaning products and paper towel rolls to clean surfaces:
  • In every exam room;
  • At the reception desk;
  • In the boutique space;
  • In spaces reserved to employees, such as the kitchen or the staff room.
  • Addition of disposable plastic bags in all garbage cans, so that paper tissues can be disposed of safely.
  • Spacing of the chairs in the waiting room, in order to maintain a safe distance between patients (one meter between each chair).
  • Set up of protective equipment such as masks and disposable gloves in all exam rooms.
  • Thorough cleaning of all eyewear features in-store with an alcoholic solution.