After meeting every optician and optometrist network in Quebec, Vanessa settled on the Doyle Group. Why? How? Here’s the story of an ambitious successor, and how she fell in love with Doyle.

The Genesis

From her very first day of school at Edouard Montpetit College, Vanessa knew that she wanted to have her own eyewear boutique. It was a revelation that took her family by surprise, since none of her family members had ever wanted to launch a business. After graduating, Vanessa began her career as an optician in various offices based in Montreal and the surrounding area. She quickly realized that she wanted to come back to her roots, and decided to settle down in Joliette, alongside Mr. Jean-François Joly — a local optometrist with forty years of experience.

The young woman boldly informed Mr. Joly that she was interested in taking over his practice once he was ready to retire. Thankfully, Mr. Joly’s decision to pass the torch to Vanessa was not a difficult one. In fact, according to the optometrist, “Vanessa is a young, yet mature woman, who knows what she wants… A fun and good-humoured person who will know how to lead the practice towards a bright future” — an ambition that Mr. Joly adheres to fully. He is now retired, and states that he has left his practice “with the satisfaction of having accomplished his duty”.


Vanessa Sansregret and Dr. Jean-François Joly, Optometrist

The Transition

Five years went by — five years during which Vanessa learned, waited, anticipated, questioned and dreamed. Five roller-coaster years that led to an even stronger yearning to lead her own practice.

As the takeover grew closer, Vanessa met with all the optical industry networks to understand the pros and cons of joining forces under one brand. After every meeting, she saw undeniable positive aspects — but the fit simply wasn’t there. Wisely, the young woman decided that she would be better off on her own, rather than doubting her choice.

Love at First Sight

Vanessa’s mind was made up: she would take over Mr. Joly’s business as an independent optician. Then out of the blue, one of her friends suggested meeting Patrick Doyle. Doubting a positive outcome but knowing she had nothing to lose, curiosity got the best of her and she accepted. She quickly contacted Doyle and set up an appointment. To her surprise, the meeting with Patrick was pleasant — and went seamlessly. The brand’s image appealed to her. The team seemed enthusiastic, happy, and committed. She felt considered and heard. Yes, it was love at first sight!

Patrick Doyle, Doyle's president and Vanessa Sansregret


Luckily, Patrick felt the same way. According to him, “there’s no secret. When we rely on people, we always win.” And that is certainly what sets the Doyle Group apart from other brands. “A location can be changed. People, not really.” This is why Patrick carefully chooses the entrepreneurs with whom he decides to join forces. That’s also why entrepreneurs who associate with the Doyle Group enjoy genuine freedom to do their job, while benefiting from the group’s welcome support. “We all benefit from working together because we all have strengths and weaknesses.” And this approach has proven effective since the 1980s!

Aside from the human fit, both parties had to share similar values. Vanessa knew that her core values would not only be considered, but also shared. And that’s when everything unfolded. Yes, when the stars align, and everything comes together, almost by magic. Joly Optométriste went up for sale and Vanessa was able to place her offer.

In six short months, just after turning thirty, Vanessa owned her own eyewear boutique, with plans for huge projects, and the feeling of being well surrounded to make things happen. Because after all, Vanessa is an optician before anything else. So it was, (and still is!), a huge relief to join forces with an experienced, competent team to cover her marketing needs, answer various questions and support her initiatives — not to mention precious help in logistics and operations.


Joliette's team

The Project

On November 1, 2018, Vanessa and the Doyle Group officially joined forces and great changes immediately took place. She introduced a new IT system, digitized patient files, redesigned the customer experience, created a new concept for the practice, and planned a change of address. As if this wasn’t enough, Vanessa also became involved in designing eyeglasses for the upcoming Atelier78 eyewear collection! You guessed it, Vanessa had no time to be bored this year.

One year ago to the day after this new beginning, Doyle Joliette launched its new concept, designed by Zébulon Perron. A beautiful and pleasant living space with a less “medical” approach, the new design offers an intimate, friendly and extremely comfortable boutique with a breathtaking, modern design.

This ambitious project was able to take form thanks to close collaboration between Vanessa and Doyle Optometrists & Opticians, with great consideration from each party. Looking back and realizing that the whole Joly Optométriste team chose to stay on after the transition, both Vanessa and Patrick can’t help but think that all this hard work has paid off!