Nicole Desaulnier and Sylvie Ménard, both dispensing opticians, first met at the end of the 1970s on a trip to Europe organized for eyewear specialists. It was during this trip that the two women discovered their similarities, realizing immediately how their skills complemented each other. Nicole enjoyed marketing, public relations and social engagement, while Sylvie excelled at management, administration and finance. But both of them shared the same passion – eyewear. 

That shared passion was all it took for the two opticians to embark on a new adventure. Once back home, they worked tirelessly to launch their own eyewear company.

Start of the big journey

In 1980, Nicole and Sylvie brought their talents together to open their optician’s office on Saint-Charles Street in the heart of Old Longueuil. They were barely in their 20s, but the two entrepreneurs were already true professionals, taking care to focus on human values.



From the very beginning, the two women stood out as leaders in their field. They selected well-known designer products, exclusive models and high-quality frames, each one more original than the last. Always on the lookout for new trends, the two women developed great expertise as eyewear stylists – a skill that requires both passion and empathy. These elements combined to grow their reputation during the next 30 years.

These two innovative associates did not hesitate to use their imagination, creating an unprecedented impact. Between launch parties with famous frame designers and bringing in faces of the Quebec media landscape (Marina Orsini, to name but one), they developed fascinating marketing initiatives, including original window displays and much-appreciated holiday cards. The two opticians knew how to build a business that stood out in the eyewear field over the years. 

The two women were very involved in their community and active in the business world. They were both members of the Old Longueuil Business Association, as well as the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. In 1982, Nicole even founded the first optician’s association in Quebec!

They had become a true reference as eyewear stylists. Then in 2016, after more than 35 years in business, the Desaulnier Ménard optician’s office passed the torch to Mariko Rouleau-Lysight, O.O.D., and Rosanne Trudel, O.D., associates of The Doyle Group. Mariko and Rosanne are continuing the story, with the same attention to detail and care for their loyal clientele.